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5 Best Health Food Stores in Denver, CO

Denver’s Best Health Food Stores:

The top rated health food stores in Denver, CO are:

  • Natural Grocers – is an organic, health and natural grocery retailer
  • Cabbage growers market – offer a range of natural & organic groceries
  • The vitamin shop – offers a wide range of nutritional supplements and herbal products
  • Trader Joe’s – is a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores
  • Peak Fitness Meals – offer a range of food customizations to fit your lifestyle

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is a specialty store that sells organic and natural groceries, as well as body care products and dietary supplements. They offer reasonable prices as well as free nutrition education. Throughout the year, they host a variety of fun events, such as nutrition education workshops, cooking demonstrations, and special events like their resolution reset, Earth Day, and Christmas celebrations. birthday.

All their products are chosen with care. Only the best make it to the shelves, from the smallest ingredient to how the food is grown, from fair trade to organic standards.


Organic, natural grocery, body care and food supplements


Address: 3757 Brighton Boulevard, Denver, CO 80216
Call🙁303) 458-5300


“I love natural grocers. Although their selection of items is more limited than other grocers, they only buy the best. Specifically, in products, they source only organic. Plus, their bulk items are really great deals. – Frederic S.

Cabbage growers marketBest Health Food Stores in Denver

Cabbage growers market in 2002, opened its first Sprouts Farmers Market store with the goal of making natural foods more accessible to everyone. Until then, finding a grocer that offered fresh, organic options was either prohibitively expensive or impossible—no more stumbling through a maze of narrow aisles with no one to help. There will be no more ingredient lists with 40 unpronounceable chemicals.

More importantly, stop spending your entire salary on food produced by a farmer, not a factory. They now have over 360 stores and over 35,000 employees. These people are the key to their success.


Natural, organic and gluten-free foods


Address: 3625 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
(720) 347-4205


“I liked what I saw at Sprouts. The area was clean and they actually had humans in their store working, storing and cashing as well as managers who were there. In 2021 when you have so many self-checkouts and so few cashiers and hardly anyone to ask questions when you walk into a store, I’m glad at least some places have employees. -Evan T.

The vitamin shopDenver Health Food Stores

The Vitamin Shop, since 1977, is committed to helping you be your best self, however you define yourself. They have vitamins, sure, but they’re so much more. You’ll find a huge selection of high-quality, cutting-edge supplements, protein, healthy weight support, aromatherapy, herbs, superfoods, natural cosmetics and more at over 730 stores across the country.

Everyone deserves to be healthy. Their dedication to excellent health for all is reflected in their dedicated staff who serve communities around the world at The Vitamin Shoppe. They take pride and strength in a deep understanding of diversity, as well as a shared commitment to helping their clients become their best selves, however defined.

This unites and motivates them to provide high-quality nutritional and self-care products from the most forward-thinking companies, along with expert advice to help you achieve your health goals.


High quality supplements, healthy weight maintenance, aromatherapy, herbs, superfoods, natural beauty products


Address: 385 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80246
Call: (303) 321-0379


“Nice place. We prefer this to GNC because there is more variety and people seem to know what they are talking about. The best part, the price is a good choice and a great selection of everything. We appreciate that the employees are respectful , know when to help and know when to give a client space to think. Thank you.” -Ra D.

Trader Joe’sGood Health Food Stores in Denver

Trader Joe’s is a national chain of grocery stores with operations across the country. They are dedicated to providing exceptional value to their customers in the form of high quality products at everyday low prices. Since 1967, they’ve made grocery shopping a welcoming journey full of discovery and fun with their great items and knowledgeable, courteous crew members. Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, is a store full of unique and interesting things, as well as everyday essentials.

Buyers scour the world for products that they think are great and will appeal to their customers. Each product must pass a rigorous tasting panel process to earn a place on their shelves, during which every aspect of quality is considered in the context of the price they can give. If a product is deemed to be of exceptional value, it becomes a must-have for every Trader Joe’s shopper.


Grocery store


Addressandss: 661 Logan St, Denver, CO 80203
Call: (303) 318-7112


“Every time I go to this Trader Joe’s everyone is super friendly. Willing to help, and they can always answer all my questions. Did you know they will take back any of their own products even if you accidentally let it rot, expire, or just simply don’t like it? They even opened the product to let me try before I bought. – Mel B.

Peak Fitness MealsOne of the best health food stores in Denver

Peak Fitness Meals is a Denver-based meal prep delivery service. Delivered to your home or business, healthy meals. They offer a variety of nutritional options to meet your goals and lifestyle. When it comes to the health of their dedicated members, they take no chances. Its ingredients are acquired locally and delivered to their chefs within hours of preparation.

All of their meats are also locally sourced, ethically raised, and delivered fresh rather than frozen. They do not use high fructose syrups, hydrogenated oils, modified starches, artificial colors, table salt, white flour or white sugar in any of their products. Their top priority is your well-being.