5 best health food stores in San Francisco🥇


Below is a list of the best and leading health food stores in San Francisco. To help you find the best health food stores near you in San Francisco, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

The best health food stores in San Francisco:

The top rated health food stores in San Francisco are:

  • Healthy Heartland Food – promotes Taiwanese organic products
  • Pure natural miracles – helps you make a change
  • Real food business – aims to support local farmers and producers in the Bay Area
  • Buffalo Whole Food & Grain Co – is a district health food store
  • The vitamin store – it’s much more than vitamins

Healthy Heartland FoodHealthy Heartland Food

Healthy Heartland Food urges customers to feel farmers’ compassion for mother earth and to enjoy organic produce and pure food without any chemical additives. Heartland promotes Taiwanese organic products imported from Leezen stores. Leezen is a successful healthy food retailer who uses organic and natural ingredients to make their products and is dedicated to supporting environmentally responsible agriculture. In addition, Heartland also promotes organic and non-toxic products made in the United States, Canada and Europe to provide consumers with abundant choice.


Gift boxes, Snacks, Condiments, Dry foods, Drinks


Address: 2245 Irving St, San Francisco, California 94122
Call: (415) 753-3544
Website: www.heartlandshops.com


“The staff are very informative and friendly. The store is very organized and clean. A good place to buy good quality food. – Susana C.

Pure natural miraclesPure natural miracles

Pure natural miracles help you make a change. As the name of their company suggests, their goal is to provide pure, natural, premium, non-GMO, and organically grown superfoods that nourish, improve strength, energy and overall health to an advantageous price. To do this, they go straight to the source. The food is shipped to them directly from the producer / exporter they have personally met.

They help others, as well as themselves, to acquire high quality and fresh healthy foods that lead to vitality and longevity. They sell products that have been grown in a way that is respectful of the environment and people. Their products are sealed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. In addition to being certified organic, their products are also vegan and gluten-free. So, if you are looking for the healthiest raw organic maca and cocoa products, you are absolutely in the right place.


Super Foods & Oils, Pet Products, General Tips


Address: 1855 Filbert St, San Francisco, California 94123
Call: (415) 235-9591
Website: www.purenaturalmiracles.com


“I first ordered this cocoa powder on the recommendation of a friend with no intention of ordering it again. However, ever since I did, I’ve been hooked on the pleasant flavor and the obvious health benefits. I think this will need to be included in my monthly shopping list. – Sanjay B.

Real food businessReal food business

Real food business aims to support local farmers and producers in the Bay Area. They focus on providing real clean food at a reasonable price to the community. All their products are 100% organic. They are committed to providing the freshest and local produce as much as possible. They close with a variety of farms and fresh produce distributors to bring you fresh produce almost daily.

Founded in 1969, The Real Food Company was one of the first committed health food stores in San Francisco. Over the past 50 years, The Real Food Company has seen its share of the competition as organic and natural foods have become the normal scene in most stores today, but with an emphasis not only on organic and clean foods, but also nationally sourced foods. The company continues to thrive on Polk Street.


Food Products, Meat / Seafood, Grocery, Well-being


Address: 2140 Polk St, San Francisco, California 94109
Call: (415) 673-7420
Website: www.realfoodco.com


“I do all my shopping here. For a small independent business, they have an incredible choice. I am particularly fond of fresh products and butchery. The staff are very friendly which adds to the experience. – Asher M.

Buffalo Whole Food & Grain CoSource - Pexels

Buffalo Whole Food & Grain Co is known for its selection of expertly chosen products with a strong commitment to organic food. With premium vitamins, natural body care, fresh dairy, baked goods and cold cuts, organically grown produce, and a great mix of natural and gourmet groceries, Buffalo Whole Foods offers convenience. department stores with a small store service.

Buffalo Whole Food & Grain Company is a district health food store with citywide patronage. Located in the historic Castro district, in the heart of San Francisco, Buffalo Whole Foods is famous for its large selection, reasonable prices, excellent customer service, and strong commitment to organic produce.


Vitamins, Natural body care, Fresh dairy products, Baked goods and cold cuts, Organic products, Natural and gourmet grocery store


Address: 598 Castro St, San Francisco, California 94114
Call: (415) 626-7038
Website: www.buffalowholefoods.com


“They have the best dates in town!” – Mireia C.

The vitamin storeThe vitamin store

The vitamin store is much more than vitamins. They are there to nourish hearts, minds and bodies. Explore thousands of proteins, supplements, healthy weight products, aromatherapy products, non-GMO organic delicacies, natural beauty and skin support, and more. Their trend scouts work hard to find the newest, best, most popular and most in-demand products on the market. Nowhere will you find a greater choice.


Vitamins & Supplements, Protein & Fitness, Digestion, Healthy Weight, Superfoods & Groceries, Natural & Herbal Remedies, Natural Beauty & Skin


Address: 2300 16th St # 295, San Francisco, CA 94103
Call: (415) 255-9544
Website: www.locations.vitaminshoppe.com


“Excellent place to have all the herbs and vitamins.” – Prashant J.

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