AiFi and Żabka launch the first stand-alone convenience store in Poland


SANTA CLARA, California, June 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ai-Fi, the leading company that creates frictionless autonomous shopping experiences powered by AI, in tandem with abka, the largest chain of convenience stores in Poland, today announced the official launch of premierabka’s first stand-alone convenience store in Poznan, Poland. The 210-square-foot NanoStore will be located between an exhibition center and a train station, serving on-the-go commuters with fresh coffee and snacks.

AiFi’s NanoStores are fully self-contained portable stores, ready to ship and set up anywhere. They include all the AI-enabled hardware and software needed to quickly open an automated, payment-free store, anywhere. AiFi and Żabka plan to continue rolling out a format that will be a combination of NanoStores and Żabka’s micro-markets powered by AiFi.

“Żabka is one of the fastest growing retail brands in the world and we are very happy to bring the prototypes we developed together in Poznan to life,” said Steve gu, co-founder and CEO of AiFi. “Żabka was interested in our NanoStores because they wanted to bring convenient autonomous purchasing closer to their customers and facilitate operations. This is the future of retail and we are excited to bring this technology and customer experience to others. places across Poland and Europe in partnership with Zabka. ”

The partnership consists of integrating AiFi’s autonomous store platform with the Appka App which has more than 5 million users. After scanning to enter, computer vision cameras around the store will observe and track the items a customer places in their shopping cart. Once their purchases are complete, customers can go out and receive a receipt on their app and by email within minutes. At the back, AiFi technology will notify the store when products are depleted to avoid stockouts of popular items, as well as to optimize the product line and improve operating margins.

AiFi’s computer vision technology has achieved an accuracy rate of over 99%, which helps prevent theft and ensures a seamless customer experience. In order to prioritize customer privacy, AiFi does not use facial recognition or store biometric data.

“The opening of this standalone store is such an exciting time for us. AiFi is a great partner, allowing us to adjust and personalize the experience to meet the needs of our customers,” said Tomasz blicharski, Managing Director of Żabka Future. “The solution we have created together is designed to meet the expectations of our customers by providing them with the most advanced, convenient and fastest shopping experience on the market.”

The Żabka network currently consists of more than 7,200 stores, offering carefully selected products from top brands at attractive prices. Żabka plans to expand the format of its modular store, which to date has only been used seasonally. AiFi will provide its NanoStore technology to these new stores, enabling fully automated, cashless stores that are open 24/7.

AiFi has 15 stores internationally with brands such as Choice Market, Carrefour, Wundermart and Loop Neighborhood, in addition to Żabka.

About Żabka

Żabka Polska Sp. Z oo is the owner of Poland largest chain of convenience stores operating more than 7,200 points of sale managed by nearly 6,000 franchisees under the Żabka brand. In twenty years of activity in the Polish market, the company has conquered the leading position in the convenience store segment. Żabka stores are visited daily by more than 2.5 million customers, and 12 million consumers live within 300 meters of the nearest one. Żabka develops its business responsibly. The pillars of the company’s CSR include respect for the natural environment, the sale of responsible food, personal development and education, support for local communities, as well as health care and ways of life. active life. For more information on Żabka stores, visit: For more information about Żabka Polska, visit:

Żabka Future – is one of the organizational units comprising a new Żabka management structure. Teams operating in the abka Future area are responsible for business and technology development for Żabka.

About AiFi

AiFi enables reliable, cost-effective, fully contactless stand-alone shopping with AI-powered computer vision technology that delivers an unparalleled experience for retailers and consumers. With more than 15 stores globally, AiFi works with global retailers such as Carrefour, Choice Market, and Zabka to create personalized, stand-alone shopping experiences with flexible onboarding and entry options. AiFi’s NanoStore was recently showcased at the Indy 500 2021 as a convenience store powered by Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. AiFi also powers the largest hybrid store in the United States in partnership with Choice Market. Since its launch in 2016, AiFi has grown $ 29.5 million investors such as Qualcomm Ventures, Cervin Ventures, TransLink Capital and Plum Alley. Visit for more information.

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