Food stores

All takeaways and food outlets in Northampton with a “one star” food hygiene rating

The Food Standards Agency program gives businesses a five to zero rating which is displayed on their premises and online so you can make more informed choices about where to buy and eat food.

Establishments rated five are deemed to have hygiene standards that are very good, those rated zero are told that urgent improvement is needed.

The ratings show how well the business is doing overall, based on the standards found at the time of the inspection.

Local inspectors visit any place where food is handled, stored or prepared, but do not consider food quality, customer service, cooking skills, presentation or comfort.

These are Northampton establishments listed on the Agency’s website as having received a ‘one’ rating in 2021 and told they need to make major improvements to hygiene standards.

As far as possible, the Chronicle & Echo attempted to contact all featured properties for comment prior to publication. Information correct as of February 3, 2022.