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Batavia City Council approves liquor license for new tapas restaurant – Shaw Local

Batavia City Council voted to approve a liquor license application for Mirus, a new tapas restaurant planned for downtown Batavia, at the February 7 board meeting.

“Mirus is actually the Latin word for ‘exciting,’ ‘wonder,’ ‘fun,’ ‘weird,'” said Mirus LLC Vice President John Hamel. “So that’s kind of a culmination of the things that we plan to do with this company.”

The new restaurant is a collaboration between Hamel, who runs the Bar Evolution and Pal Joey restaurants, and Melissa Mono, owner of the Sidecar Supper Club and Beer Garden.

Mirus will be located at 15 E. Wilson St., in the space formerly occupied by the Verita Restaurant.

“Mirus’ aim is to provide small dishes with an excellent selection of wines and beers.” Hamel said. “’Tapas’ is kind of a broad term in our definition. We’re going to have influences ranging from Spanish tapas to South America, South Texas and Russia. Wherever things take us.

“It gives us the opportunity to be kind of creative about how to provide for our customers and friends at the restaurant, with the intention of bringing people downtown to support other businesses,” Hamel said. .

Hamel did not give a specific opening date for the new restaurant but said it would be open within the next few months.

“We anticipate the next 30 to 45 days,” Hamel said. “It’s an old building that needs a bit of attention. So we’re working on all of those issues and had a great job with the city.

Verita closed in 2019, leaving the space unoccupied for nearly two years until Hamel and Mono rented the space in 2021.

“Over the past two weeks as mayor, I’ve probably been asked 15 to 20 times ‘when are you going to open,'” Batavia Mayor Jeffery Scheilke said. fans ready to charge the door when you let him out.”

Hamel hopes the new restaurant will attract visitors to other businesses in Batavia.

“Back in college, I remember a professor talking about competition and how people who compete without thinking about each other end up failing,” Hamel said. “I hope we bring pride to downtown Batavia and an experience that people will enjoy for a long time.”