Bengaluru flight | Burglars open grocery store in Bangalore, decamp with items worth Rs 1.25 lakh


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Bengaluru: A shocking incident took place in Bengaluru, Karnataka, where thieves broke into a grocery store on the main road to Bannerghatta and fled with items like cigarettes and gutka worth Rs 1.25 lakh.

They committed this criminal act by opening the shutters between May 4 and May 22 when the owner, identified as Chandramohan H (46), closed the store on May 4. He had returned to the store on May 22 and discovered that it had been robbed. .

The burglars took off with cigarettes, gutka, cold drinks, snacks, among others worth Rs 1.25 lakh. The rest of the items in the store have not been touched. The complainant further told the cops that because there was no money in the store, the thieves stole items from the store.

Another investigation into this matter is ongoing and the store also did not have a CCTV camera. According to the trader’s complaint, a burglary case was picked up by the Hulimavu police.

Another case in Bangalore

Another shocking incident was reported in Bengaluru, where a hotel in Upparpet was raided by detectives from the Central Crime Branch (CCB).

At least 19 people were arrested for participating in gambling and drinking alcohol inside the hotel, which was closed.

Police received information from one of the players inside. As he was upset after losing money, he informed the cops.

Police caught the men in the act and bottles of alcohol and cash worth Rs 1 lakh used for gambling were also recovered.

The players assured the cops that all COVID SOPs were being tracked by them and the cops asked them to undergo COVID testing. Police were also told she was resorting to gambling as she was unable to run the business now.

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