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Bethany Liquor Store Expands to Maryville, Includes Products from Local Breweries | Community

A family-run liquor store based in Bethany, Mo., announced via its Facebook page that it will be opening a sister location in Maryville.

Named after its Bethany address located just off Interstate 35, the original 39th Street Liquor site opened last April and hosts tastings for local breweries and wineries. In addition to carrying all the major brands of beer, wine and liquor, the store also has seasonal and rare products for sale, including products from local breweries and wineries in Bethany and Maryville.

The Maryville location opened with limited merchandise on sale Dec. 18, just in time for Christmas and New Years liquor sales. The store officially opened Dec. 22 and celebrated a grand opening on December 29..

The upper classes and locals will recognize the building as the former location of Jock’s Nitch Sporting Goods, which went bankrupt over two years ago.

Patrick Miller is originally from Bethany, but knows the Maryville area well. In addition to 39th Street Liquor, he owns Bull’s Eye Trading in Maryville, which, like 39th Street Liquor, opened as a sister location at Bethany’s pawnshop in December 2016.

“We follow Hy-Vee,” said employee Patrick Schaben. “We all have the same prices, so having a liquor store in our town is going to help the community. This does not go to large companies.

“We’ve got a lot of Iowa drinks, a lot of Missouri wine and vodkas, basically anything we can get our hands on,” Schaben said. “We have a lot of craft beers that Hy-Vee doesn’t have, which attracts a lot of customers.”

With the spring semester just beginning, the store expects more business as the student body returns to Maryville. Schaben said the store had already seen more college-age customers in the days before classes resumed.

Employee Ellie Reiss said 39th Street Liquor does business because it sells so many local and small town drinks.

“We have a bigger selection and we’re able to get different things, so we’ve had a lot of customers,” Reiss said.

The new Maryville location is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday. It is located at 108 S. Main St., directly across from Señor Burrito.

“Instead of everyone trying to drive to Hy-Vee who lives right next to campus, they can walk or drive here,” Schaben said. “That will help the business a bit.”