Buckley Family Goes Forward with New Bistro Market & Deli in Downtown Lafayette


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The owners of Bistro 501 are working hard to prepare for the opening of a new downtown food market.

“There used to be a market downtown and now there will be one again,” said Mary Buckley.

The market will be located in the centuries-old and beautifully historic Lahr Atrium, right next to the Bistro 501 restaurant. Although it is still a construction area at this time, the Buckley women have been leading this project which has been a dream in the making for ever. several years now.

“Mom had always wanted to do a delicatessen, I always wanted to make a coffee, a coffee thing and Cheyenne had always wanted to do like a fresh market,” said Theresa Buckley.

So they combine all these ideas into one, but they also hope to solve a crucial problem for the city center: the food desert. As we have already reported, Le Bistro 501 has been affected by COVID-19 like many downtown restaurants. However, they stayed afloat by operating a convenience store outside the restaurant for people to come and pick up groceries.

“We’ve had this idea for three years now realizing that there isn’t even a place to buy a half-gallon of milk downtown,” said Mary.

With more apartments in the city center, the Buckleys want to meet the needs of those who will move into these homes. They predict the demographic will be young professionals, millennials, and empty nesters who want the metropolitan feel. They want to provide a place where people can walk or cycle to get their kitchen essentials.

“All the food that we provide in our restaurant, they can actually get our product that they love so much and be able to cook it in their own home and know it’s healthy and ethically sourced,” Cheyenne said. Buckley.

They emphasize sustainable and local products like cold cuts, fresh produce, eggs, bagels, coffee and olive oils. They also offer vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-sensitive options for people with special dietary needs.

“Food is what got us here, so we have to remember it’s the heart of what we do,” Cheyenne said.

They also hope to showcase the centuries-old Lahr Atrium.

“Before, you could only come in here if you were lucky enough to be invited to a wedding or a special event held here,” Theresa said. “Now the community is coming back and using this space as a public domain, which in my opinion is huge.”

And they want to encourage more people to shop locally in the growing downtown area.

“I’ve seen so much growth happening downtown over the past five years,” said Mary. “We want to be a part of this growth in Lafayette and continue to see more people come to downtown and take advantage of what it has to offer.”

“We’re creating a hub and I’ve loved watching it grow over the years I’ve been here,” Cheyenne said. “I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be in the future.”

The Buckleys are aiming for the July 4th weekend for a smooth opening. They hope to fix the issues during the summer months when there are fewer people in town. Keep an eye on Bistro 501 Facebook page for more updates.

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