Cam Zink: freeride mountain biker and world record holder


Take a look at the history of a driver’s ride at Red Bull Rampage and what he’s been up to since.

There are a lot of amazing professional mountain bikers out there. But Cam Zink is one of the few who will truly blow your mind – not with his talent but with his mindset and attitude.

As soon as Zink started riding, he was jumping massive falls and pushing himself and his bike to the limit. He has competed in the infamous Red Bull Rampage freeride event three times and has pulled off some of the craziest flips ever on two wheels.

He is also the Guinness World Record Holder for Biggest Backflip. So it’s no surprise that in order to accomplish all of this, he must have an unwavering, unwavering confidence and love for the sport.

This athlete’s edition is part of the full version of Teton Gravity “Accomplice” series, which will kick off a nationwide drive-in cinema tour on June 9. Check Out Other Athletes Mods here.

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