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Cañon City Council approves alcohol license for natural grocery stores – Canon City Daily Record

After the new board members were sworn in on Tuesday, the first agenda for Cañon City City Council in 2022 was to approve a new liquor license for Natural Grocers.

The store, located at 121 N. 16th St. is scheduled to open in April, according to management representative Arnold DeCesero.

“We are a small, natural and organic company that wants to provide our customers with healthy choices of food and drink,” he said during the public hearing.

The store is estimated to be approximately 10,000 square feet with approximately 20 to 25 employees.

Under the newly approved liquor license, the store will feature local and Colorado fermented beers.

“We only offer organic or natural, non-GMO products,” DeCesero said. “The products we are going to offer are a healthier choice of fermented beers than typical beers. “

Mayor Ashley Smith said the community is looking forward to having natural groceries in the community.

“It has gone viral to be able to have the opportunity to have a natural food distribution in Cañon City for our community, and we are really grateful for that,” she said. “When we ask for input from new community members and what it takes to make them happy living in Cañon City almost all the time they say they want natural foods here. “

At the start of the meeting, Smith and Pro Mayor Tem John Hamrick were each sworn in for a new term, as were new council members Andrea Stein and Emily Tracy.

Outgoing board members Dolly Gonales and Frank Jaquez, who was absent from the meeting, were recognized for their service.

Gonzales said the job she’s done over the past four years has been the toughest she’s ever done, including changing the staff at Town Hall and dealing with the heartache of losing her. a dear friend and mentor of the late Councilor Jim Meisner.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs, but I feel like we’ve progressed through it all,” she said. “Even through COVID, we still made progress. “

She said the first two years were tough with the changes at Town Hall, but healing to create a new, more friendly culture is what she’s most proud of.

“Big decisions are not easy decisions; luckily I didn’t have to do them on my own, ”she said. “I’ve always had a team of smart, prepared and like-minded individuals behind me, helping me make these big decisions”

She thanked the community for their support and said she was grateful for the experience she gained over the past four years.

“I will continue to be involved,” Gonzales said. “And who knows, you might see my name on the ballot someday.” “