Convenience stores that come to your door will soon be in California


A new startup brings the convenience store right to your doorstep.

Robomart takes delivery applications to a new level. Instead of picking out your items and having them shipped to you, Robomart allows you to “flag down” the entire store.

When the van arrives, you collect your items, then it leaves.

“It will always be twice as fast as the fastest delivery service because we don’t have to go looking for orders,” said the CEO and co-founder of Robomart. Ali Ahmed Recount FOX5.

The service is called “store haling” because it is similar to ordering an Uber. The app will ask a van to drive to your location.

“The idea is that you should be able to push a button and have a store, any store comes to you and can get your products straight to your house,” Ahmed said.

Currently there is a snack van and a drugstore van, but Ahmed’s ultimate goal is to have a van full of essentials like eggs, milk, and produce.

Robomarts drivers are currently human, but the company’s future plans involve a fleet of autonomous vehicles ready to be delivered to customers within minutes.

“Sometimes it takes 20, 30 minutes to decide what to buy and create that order. With Robomart, you press a button, just like a call and shopping service when it arrives, ”said Ahmed.

You can learn more about Robomart here.

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