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Fry’s Food Stores donates $ 15,000 to fight food insecurity

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to help your local community, and that’s what Community Gardens of Tucson has been doing for the past 30 years. It is a non-profit organization that manages 20 community gardens in the city. Each garden grows vegetables and fruits to feed the surrounding community.

“It is important that communities, especially in food insecure areas like southern Arizona, have strong local food production,” said Parker Filer, Tucson Community Gardens volunteer. “I think the community gardens are a huge asset for this.”

Fry’s Food Stores recently gave the organization $ 15,000 to continue developing local gardens and growing produce. The objective is to fight against food insecurity. In 2017, nearly one million people in Arizona were considered food insecure. This meant that they did not have access to enough food for a healthy lifestyle. This is still a problem in many low income areas of Tucson.

“The area I work in now has a grocery store and most of the community is on foot, not everyone has transportation,” said Erica Goward, an employee of Fry.

Erica Goward works at Fry’s on 1st and Grant. She says her store has struggled to access certain foods during the pandemic.

“We saw a lot of food shortages, we couldn’t get certain products,” Goward said. “Everything from baby wipes to meat, things like that.”

That’s why she and other volunteers came to help.

“So it’s really important to have a place where you can walk to buy some fresh food,” Goward said.

“During the pandemic, food security became an even bigger concern and I think she underscored the need to strengthen livelihoods and food security,” Filer said.

Here you can find the exact locations of these gardens in Tucson.
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