Good Samaritans shot dead after taking man to gas station in Sequoyah County – FOX23 News


SEQUOYAH COUNTY, Oklahoma. – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OBSI) is investigating a double shooting in Sequoyah County, just west of Vian, OBSI posted on its Facebook page.

The investigation began on Saturday night when the sheriff’s office was informed that two men were lying on the roadway near milepost 293 on I-40 and both had been shot, OBSI said on Facebook.

“The two men who were shot were said to be Good Samaritans who picked up a man and took him to Love convenience store in Vian,” OBSI said. “A can of gasoline and gasoline were purchased at that time. Investigators believe the Good Samaritans drove the suspect back to his car and were shot dead. The suspect is believed to have fueled his vehicle and left the area, possibly heading east on I-40. “

Both victims are in critical but stable condition, OBSI said.

Police from the Antlers Police Department started a chase with the vehicle early Sunday morning, OBSI said.

“The suspect fled on foot and law enforcement is looking for him in the Antlers area,” OBSI said.

The suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

If you see it, stay away and immediately contact OBSI at (800) 522-8017 or email [email protected]

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