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Luxury beachside hot dogs are now available in front of Skaha Lake.

Wienery food truck owners Tahnee Adams and Campbell Kearns have opened a restaurant with three patios, two of which overlook Lake Skaha at the Barefoot Resort.

The famous hot dog food truck has been operating at wineries across the South Okanagan for three years, but the husband and wife duo wanted a permanent place of their own.

“We will be focusing on our world famous hot dogs as well as our herbal market. As a chef, I really wanted to explore and elevate vegetable based foods. There will also be bar food, burgers, sausages and appies, ”Kearns said.

With three children there is also a children’s menu.

The Barefoot Restaurant is a large facility across the street from the beach, with three patios, including a rooftop patio which is currently under renovation. With the two patios open, they can safely accommodate large numbers of people and comply with COVID-19 security protocols.

The Hound Dog is their number one hot dog with peanut butter, bacon, pickles and crispy onions.

“It has the perfect balance of salty which makes it simply delicious,” he said.

The second most popular dog is the Big Dog Deluxe, a classic of fried onions, bacon and cheese.

The Carrot dog is also climbing the charts in popularity. These are grilled marinated carrots, hot peppers, pickled onions and spicy mayonnaise with goat cheese and creamy almonds.

Wienery owners Tahanee Adams and Campbell Kearns, along with two of their three daughters, park the food truck to open a restaurant with three terraces at the Barefoot Resort in Skaha. (Monique Tamminga Western News)

Okanagan Ice Pops will provide the gourmet popsicles for dessert. Adams also works with local chocolatiers.

“We’ve made dessert dogs in the past, so we’re going to incorporate that as well; like banana-nutella dessert dogs.

The Wienery will also have a small market, offering take-out options like salads, bread, local jams and cold cuts. They plan to get a liquor license in July and are excited to offer a selection of handpicked local wines, craft beers and ciders.

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