Launch of a new delivery application, TheGoodz, on campus


MU’s sophomore Josh Margherita said he thinks TheGoodz, a new Columbia-based food and alcohol delivery app, is too good to be true.

This was before he started to use the service regularly. He said pricing and delivery times have kept him a customer since the new service went live just over a month ago.

“You pay normal prices,” Margherita said. “It’s not a price hike or anything. It’s a great way to get what you need. “

He added that the average time he had to wait was around 10 minutes.

The company, created by cousins ​​and business partners Landon and Tristan Moore, supplies these products. The service requires a free app and a monthly subscription of $ 9.99. Customers only pay the subscription fee and the price of the products. Delivery drivers are also paid an hourly wage, so there are no additional charges for deliveries or tips. The app offers unlimited deliveries of products such as snacks, soft drinks, over-the-counter drugs, and alcoholic beverages, which the company keeps in its warehouse on Business Loop 70. Depending on the app, it will offer tobacco and household essentials like toilet paper coming soon.

Landon Moore, who graduated from MU in 2017 and came up with the idea for TheGoodz, says the one model is what attracts business. TheGoodz owns all of its merchandise, which it buys from wholesalers like PepsiCo.

“Since we have our own product and we have the equipment that we carry, we are able to remove the aspect of the tip and simply act like a traditional gas station, which has its margin on its food and other things. products, and use that instead of consumer advice, ”said Landon Moore.

TheGoodz announces its online and offline service. Flyers and stickers with TheGoodz’s brown paper bag logo were placed by cousins ​​on streetlights and bathroom stalls across campus. They also have a growing number of Instagram followers – with 60 posts and over 700 subscribers. Canvassing is another of the company’s outreach strategies.

“One day I was at Walmart with my friend and [Landon Moore] soliciting and distributing flyers and trying to get people to know more about it, ”said Margherita. “We talked to him for about 20 minutes, just to see how it all works and stuff.”

Landon Moore primarily oversees TheGoodz’s marketing presence, while Tristan Moore takes care of deliveries and merchandising.

Tristan Moore said buying and delivering alcohol is the biggest hurdle for the business as they need to get a license to sell it.

“We are, in a way, the pioneers of alcohol delivery here,” said Tristan Moore.[The city] was sort of telling us that we learn as they learn, because they don’t have anything like that – it was a long process.

When a user purchases a product that requires ID, Tristan Moore said it requires the customer to have ID ready at the time of delivery. Tristan Moore said they don’t cover the product with their brown paper bag like they would a snack or a soda.

The large student population made Columbia the perfect base for cousins ​​and their delivery service, Landon Moore said. As the company gains profits and fame, he and Tristan Moore hope to expand to other college towns.

“Our goals are to reach other college campuses in the Midwest,” said Landon Moore. “So right now we’re really just focusing on Mizzou and expanding our secondary location, because having two locations allows us to have faster transit time and lower our labor costs. Then we hope that in 2022 we can open a location in Kansas City and then also in MSU. ”

Margherita said he hopes to see a greater selection of products soon, as the business continues to collect subscriptions and expand into other cities.

“Their application is quite limited in what they can sell, in terms of food and drink,” Margherita said. “More of a wider selection, rather than just basic branded products, would be nice.”

Landon Moore said growing product availability will be a challenge as the company is still in its first month of operation.

“Right now, everything on the app comes from my savings,” said Landon Moore. “So we’re growing slowly, but hopefully by the next school year we’ll be able to have a larger alcohol selection than any other liquor store.”

The pair said above all that the Columbia region and its customers have and will continue to make their challenges, expansion and growth possible with TheGoodz.

“We appreciate all the support we’ve gotten so far, and we appreciate all the future business we’re going to get,” said Tristan Moore.

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