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ALTAMONT, Kansas – A man in southeastern Kansas makes sure residents of a rural community don’t have to travel far to get the items they need.

I’ll take us to Altamont for history.

Marvin Jones, owner of MJ’s Market, says, “You have to have businesses locally or the town ends up dying. “

About six years ago, the city of Altamont said goodbye to its last grocery store.

“The people who had it before decided to shut it down and no body decided to put one back.”

It turned the city into a food desert.

With limited options, people had to travel miles outside of town to access fresh food.

Chris Drumm, resident of Altamont, said: “Especially for the older people in town, it was really bad. “

“It’s about 10 or 20 miles from the nearest grocery store or Wal-Mart.”

Altamont resident Christa Coulter says, “I mean, I’m driving all the way to Parsons to collect all my things. “

Native of Altamont, Marvin Jones wanted to solve this problem.

He got to work using his business knowledge to bring MJ’s market to life.

“We decided to buy the place and figured Altamont needed a grocery store.”

“This is where I grew up and was born and you just want to give back a little bit.”

“We just slowed down and reshaped the interior and put things back to where they were again operational.”

Although still in its infancy, Jones is hopeful the store can support the local economy as well.

Most of the products come from farmers around Altamont and the store’s possible delicatessen will do the same with the meat.

“You know you help the small businesses, we have a lot of farmers selling products back home to help make things coincide and everything and it’s good to have something here to involve everyone. “

“A lot of people are talking about it and they’re very excited that they don’t have to go out of town to get food.”

“Things supported locally are the best and that’s how things get better, is that we support our local farmers and producers. “

Report in Altamont, Steffen Reals, KSN local news.

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