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Sam Liquor & Cigar Store helps Californians buy their favorite spirits, whiskeys and cigars online.

The pandemic has prompted wineries, retailers and auctioneers to up their digital game. »

— Russ Mann, CEO,

CALIFORNIA, USA, May 16, 2022 / — The pandemic has meant new shopping behaviors, with many realizing the ease of shopping from the comfort of their homes. From boutique products to mainstream options, the world of e-commerce has become all-inclusive, providing a competitive opportunity for every seller and manufacturer. People are also turning to online marketplaces to choose their favorite brand of premium wine or whiskey. Sam Liquor & Cigar Store occupies a unique position in this growing ecosystem, combining the effortless ease of purchasing spirits online with the personalized touch of a traditional physical neighborhood store.

Josh Jacobs, Co-Founder and CEO of Speakeasy Co., said, “Working with liquor retailers, Speakeasy helps more than 250 brands sell liquor and merchandise directly from their websites.

E-commerce trends can be difficult to predict with consumers being spoiled for choice, but yes, online shopping seems to be becoming the preferred option for many, and that includes buying alcohol online. . The pandemic seems to have reinforced this pattern and even in the post-Covid situation, the likelihood of people continuing to order spirits or cigars online remains strong. It’s easy to imagine why someone wanting to taste the perfect Napa Valley wine would turn to a digital store. Not everyone can make this journey and many people don’t know how to identify genuine products in physical stores. Online store options, on the other hand, are published with extensive product details and consumer reviews, as well as convenience.

“There is now an established level of comfort for consumers to buy wine online and have virtual experiences,” says Sara Moll, founder and CEO of Vin Social.

The fine spirits market is also moving towards more inclusiveness. With the expansion of online retail options for alcohol and free shopping such as cigars, the traditional audience segment is also changing. “Looking at traditional bourbon and whiskey marketing, the traditional target was white men,” says Peggy Noe Stevens, founder of Peggy Noe Stevens & Associates, and a member of the Bourbon Women Association. Buying alcohol online at Sam Liquor & Cigar Store is without filters or preconceptions.

Digital liquor stores can also lower barriers to entry for lesser-known brands that want to compete in the not-so-premium whiskey and cigar space. Although startup culture is popular, many young brands with great products might struggle to find ways to generate more sales. By building their stores online and moving inventory to other online retail platforms, new alcohol brands can connect with more retailers and discover more buyers.

Not just digital shopping for rare and unique spirits, finding popular and quality cigar brands is getting easier and easier, and some of the reasons aren’t just practical. For many people, sustainability matters. They want to be associated with labels that care about the environment. When selecting whiskey brands from nearby malls, there is less chance of being informed about a company’s carbon footprint.

In contrast, online stores that promise door-to-door delivery of a range of premium whiskey brands provide all the information on a platter. The data is easy to read, understand and share. With numerous testimonials and sometimes even YouTube videos from the manufacturer, consumers can easily identify a brand’s environmental impact. And the quest for sustainability doesn’t stop there. It may present questions about the packaging and delivery of the product. Again, the digital medium provides the information these customers request, particularly on packaging or the use of recycled materials, and some online alcohol platforms even offer packaging options – these features are usually not not associated with the selection of a popular wine on the nearby rack. shop. Finding a rare and unique collection of the best spirits online also creates more price discrepancy. Chances are you’ll find direct-to-customer inventory that can help drive some serious savings.

Sam Liquor & Cigar Store offers a wide range of choices, ensuring that brand loyalists can choose their favorite whiskey while experimental consumers and mixologists can find newer and interesting additions.

About Sam Liquor & Cigar

Sam Liquor & Cigar Store is a family owned business located in Santee, CA. In business since 2004, the company creates enjoyable shopping experiences for customers seeking premium cigars, spirits, whiskeys and craft beers, with home delivery. The company expands its liquor selection by selecting the best brands from California, the United States and other countries. The online store also sells vodka, bourbon, tequila, and scotch. The premium liquor and cigar store also caters to bulk orders and offers a carefully selected selection of rare and unique liquors. There is no need to download an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Expect the easiest add-to-cart process with simple payment processing and fast delivery.

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