Liqour selections

The problem with the new liquor license – Sheridan Media

In December 2021, due to an increase in population, the town was granted an additional liquor license.

Sheridan City Council released the information and received 11 license applications that met the required criteria. The council formed a committee to determine the fairest way to issue this license to a company.

Councilor Shawn Day sits on this committee along with Councilors Jacob Martin and Steve Brantz.

During an appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, Day explained why the committee decided to take the time and road it had to select the recipient of this license.

Councilor S. Day

A hybrid model of the two ideas was chosen; review applications further and then leave them to chance in a drawing, mitigating any bias in the selection process.

The committee further explored apps that would give Sheridan residents and visitors more options, such as restaurants rather than drive-in liquor store proposals. The committee asked for business plans and interviewed applicants about how the license would be used.

Councilor S. Day

The final applications will be presented to the board at their next business meeting this Monday, February 14, unless there is disagreement, the draw will take place on the following Monday, February 21.